Indian Problem

by Mike Lester on May 29, 2012

What’s with the composite liberal today?  Obama campaign puts out a campaign of cradle to grave assistance for a made up woman named “JULIA”, Obama tells us the chick(s) he boffs is a composite of all the women he hath boff-ed and I still don’t know if he listed Kenya as his birthplace in order to gain that exotic foreign car panache to sell books.  Hey, back in the day I told women I was an Irish Astronaut if it got me to point B.  And for the record, I could care less where he’s from.  I’m only concerned with where he’s going Wed. Nov. 7th.

In case you forgot, Elizabeth (Composite Cherokee) Warren is ALSO the self described “Mother of the Occupy Movement”.  Which would explain the tee pees and outdoorsyness.  She might be right (and truthful) on that one since who would lie about inventing a movement of losers?  But to claim for YEARS that you are a minority (1/32 American Indian) in order to take advantage of government mandated Affirmative Action hiring/diversity requirements (o.k. that’s f’ing ridiculous on it’s own) is a tough scalp to wear.  Who choses to live a lie?  The desperate, the inferior, the pathetic losers do, that’s who.  Which at least qualifies her to be the “mother of OWS”.

Ann Coulter summed up Elizabeth Warren beautifully.  Actually she scalps her:

“Warren’s lie is outrageous enough to someone like me, who isn’t a fan of race-based affirmative action programs. Still, she is a liar, and she stole the credit of someone else’s suffering. For liberals, it should be a mortal sin: Elizabeth Warren cheated on affirmative action.”

Happy Tuesday and if you’re thinking of playing golf Wed. Nov. 7 please don’t.  I’m trying to keep every tee time in America open for a special someone who I’m praying to the Big Spirit in Sky will find himself with the day off.

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