8 track mind

by Mike Lester on June 16, 2011

8 track mindWhen there is little mention in the media of a sitting President (note the capital “P” – I am nothing if not respectful of the office) going full “LUDDITE” in an interview w/ a correspondent who can’t keep her heart beat steady, I have to write – in quotes – what he said.

Maybe Sarah Palin got lucky, maybe she was wrong on all things Revere and credited him w/ writing “I’m Not Your’e Stepping Stone” but if she’d uttered such nonsense it would have its own show on MSNBC.

Our President just blamed the current economic cluster f*ck on, (wait for it) … AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINES and airport kiosks.

But humor him. Let’s do away w/ ATM’s (introduced in 1967) and airport kiosks and, while we’re at it, bulldozers. That would at least require a passel load more shovel wielding digging Americans. He may be on to something: China under Mao comes to mind.

The ATM Industry Association not amused.

Happy Fathers Day weekend. Call your Dad. I wish I could.

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