Babies, Breasts and Backs

by Mike Lester on February 7, 2012

Dicks like me don’t get in to womens’ plumbing for obvious reasons but last week a charity, Susan G. Koman – who is in the breast cancer cure/screening business and somehow affiliated w/ the country’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood (not my words – the WSJournal) found itself in a bitch slap-fest. (my words).

The dust is slowly settling but I still don’t know what breasts and dead babies have to do w/ one another.  Live ones, I get.  And, for the record,  not only am I o.k. w/ public breast feeding I prefer watching it to watching NASCAR.

Enter the Chiropractor.  See this link  and be prepared to catch your dropping jaw.

So this guy who fought for his country on the basis of his (not unheard of opinion) that the POTUS might not be legit, is denied a medical license to practice “the healing arts”.  WTF his opinion on BHO’s birthplace has to do w/ adjusting Kansas City spines is neck crackingly confounding.  Did they deny Donald Trump any construction, labor, gambling, etc., licenses when he went “birther”?  Coming soon:  ”You must be this devoted to President Obama to ride this ride”.

I’m old enough to remember. Nor did I live in California when it meant certain death just to be accused of being “Red”.  But, God help us, we’re all living thru this cartoon.

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