(beep)dammit it’s Friday

by Mike Lester on March 15, 2013

mdj130315Not sure about you but after five days my socks smell like they’re from Uranus.  I would have loved to use that joke but editors of newspapers who desperately want to be cutting edge cool, relevant and attract a younger audience would react with enough righteous indignation to make Jimmy Swaggart blush.  Can’t risk losing the Sweet Final Hours Rest Home demographic.

Which is why you never read the word “sucks” in a comic strip.  It’s just too edgy.  I’m pretty sure things were said to have “sucked” in Colonial Williamsburg but some how this bad boy word has never been accepted in to family newspapers.  True story:  on more than one occasion I’ve heard someone say “goddamn” on television but only half of the word is beeped out and guess which word?  You’re right:  ”(beep)damn!”

That’s f’d up.

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Jim Toler March 15, 2013 at 8:54 am

You’re right. In the early days of Garfield, Davis tried slipping “want to swap sheep jokes?” by when Garfield and Jon were visiting the farm. Got just so far with the editors in NY when finally someone decided get the real meaning. Davis had to change it to: “want to swap farm jokes?” I have the original.


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