Black unemployment

by Mike Lester on June 21, 2011

Black unemployment and golfForget the obvious message of today’s cartoon. Unemployment. Yawn. Let’s talk about the President’s golf swing. Ever seen it?

Now, I’ve played AT golf since I was a kid hitting golf balls at the Jim Davies driving range in College Park w/ my Dad. I’ve been a single digit handicap most of my life and worked on and in golf courses as a young man.

A common mistake is thinking that to get the ball airborne one must lift or sweep the ball. Admittedly counter intuitive, the exact opposite is true: hit down, ball goes up. Look at the shape of the club and you can better get the physics. The President hasn’t grasped this concept. Among others but that’s another topic. And btw: a Blackberry on the belt is a dead give away you can’t play.

This is the swing of a man who can NOT BREAK 100.

But Lord knows he’s trying…

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