Bread & Circuses

by Mike Lester on January 25, 2012

As a newspaper cartoonist I figure if I’m going to get my ass beat by the internet I might as well take advantage of it.  Not many readers are going to be as wonkish as I am and might not be familiar w/ the term “bread and circuses” but I had to know the context the first time I heard the phrase.  It’s that goofy and I dig goofy.

So, I’m pretty sure most people bothering to read me today wonder wtf I was talking about googled the line and found:

bread and circuses


Offerings, such as benefits or entertainments, intended to placate discontent or distract attention from a policy or situation.

Of course I drew it yesterday before last nights SOTU speech correctly predicting the message.  Now if I could only use this gift to pick stocks…

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