by Mike Lester on March 14, 2013



I have a friend named Stilton Jarlsburg (not his real name) who runs a site called:

It is a riot.  It’s such a riot he runs a greater risk of arrest by the humor impaired  than actual rioters. When I wrote the above joke I googled something that would give me a list of the worst smelling cheeses.  Stilton isn’t number one but nobody’s heard of “Taleggio” including me.  I sent him an advance copy of the gag and while it wasn’t really about Stilton himself, I felt like he should get a heads up.  And I always enjoy shoving my friends and family unwillingly into the public eye.

And in case I’ve forgotten to remind you:  the gag and most of MDJ is almost 100% autobiographical.  I’ve changed the  names but not the socks.

Happy Thursday!




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