Compromise: a definition

by Mike Lester on January 5, 2012

“Compromise” is a big point of contention and has been for a while. It’s a loaded word that presumes a natural complicity or you’re a dolt. Another word is “fairness”.  Since when did we decide the world is, in fact, “fair”?

Here’s David Gregory last Sunday giving Rick Santorum a cavity search on “Meet the Press Who Are Busting Their Ass to Re-Elect Obama”:

“Do you fault Republican leaders in Congress for not doing more to make government work better, through more compromise with the President?” Read more: 

Look, if you and Obama are riding in a car and he wanted to cruise for dudes and you said “Not my thing but you can go w/out me.” Then if you got out of the car, the press would light you up for “not compromising with the president”.

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