Find the racist

by Mike Lester on February 16, 2012

I read this yesterday:  “Hype due to race“.  Really???  I don’t expect professional athletes or entertainers to spout cultural profundities and by recent standards this doesn’t even register if you listen to the inanities some of our politicians vomit forth.  But Twitter ain’t made for the impetuously stupid pundits among us.  Me included.  But Mr. Mayweather’s not alone.

Remember Larry Bird?  When LB was becoming “Larry the Legend” and for damn good reasons?  Isiah Thomas, a brilliant player in his day (just ask him) said the exact same thing about Larry Bird that Floyd Mayweather said about Jeremy Lin.  That plenty of other black NBA players were as good if not better than LB and that he was only getting attention because he was a white player in a black sport.

I know how he feels.

Bonus useless sports trivia:  Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson, playing on different teams in an NBA finals game actually kissed each other before tipoff.  A record Larry Bird cannot claim.

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