Muslim football

by Mike Lester on October 28, 2011

Muslim footballThe 2011 version of The World’s Largest Cocktail Party kicks off again Saturday.  In case you don’t know, this is the  University of Georgia vs. the Swamp people (Florida).  Tim Tebow was / is Swamp people and we hate Swamp people.  It’s actually a law here.

But what’s happened to this kid since entering the NFL is astounding.  If you don’t know, he’s a practicing Christian and we all know Christians were responsible for 9-11 and the sub-prime mess.  He takes mission trips to prisons and third world countries and to my knowledge, he’s never electrocuted a dog.  This is what qualifies you for a level of vitriol reserved for Bernie Madoff.

‘Daily Show’ comedian John Oliver declared: ”I dislike Robert Mugabe. I hate Tim Tebow.”

John Oliver?  A Brit?  Why does he care about an American football player?

I’ll answer that:  because liberals seek out Christians.  I don’t know why other than they are closet Christians themselves.  But according to the left, Christians are modern day Nazis.  And they eat babies.  No, wait, that’s the left or Planned Parenthood which is redundant.

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