So long, Herman

by Mike Lester on October 27, 2011

So long, Hherman
I have to be honest: when my wife and I saw the commercial of Herman’s campaign manager taking a drag Monday morning, we both looked at each other and said the same thing:  ”pull the sign.”

I walked out in the front yard and pulled my CAIN 2012 $15 yard sign out of the ground.

I don’t have a problem w/ the man smoking but, c’mon. You’re running the campaign for the biggest job in the world. In today’s culture, people who smoke are equal to pedophiles. Maybe lower.

Point is, if you make this bad decision, what more can I expect. And since I said I’d be honest, I love Herman for what Emerson called “straight talk and plain dealing” but the foreign policy curve seems a bit high.

Just ask the imbecile we got now.

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