by Mike Lester on March 13, 2013




Right this minute there is an electrician on my patio installing a flood light that I attempted to install Sunday.  Yea, I”m that guy.  The anti-handyman.  There was already a fixture in place — meaning the hole was drilled , wired and all that’s required is a simple plug-and-play w/ a motion sensor upgrade.

The point I’m trying to make is that unlike most people I see a nut and a screw and think hammer.  So it is w/ great trepidation that I play catch-up w/ this blog.  I promise to attempt to learn which buttons to push and be more faithful in updating posts. I’m playing catch-up so unlike tomorrow and most days today you’ll find three MIKE DU JOUR’s:  Mon., Tue., Wed. Suffice to say, my dog wrote this weeks strips.

One more thing.  While I’m admittedly electronically challenged (is there a gov. grant for guys like me?) my electrician and I share one thing.  His name is “Mike”.

From the entire MIKE DU JOUR staff, God bless your Wednesday!

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