The Tarmac Tiff

by Mike Lester on January 28, 2012

The POTUS is held to no standard whatsoever.  None.  I would find that boring.  How do you know you’ve succeeded if they never let you fail?  You’ll never convince me that Clark Kellogg didn’t intentionally lose at HORSE.

So, The Tarmac Tiff was a white woman who didn’t like a black man as President.  At least that’s what we’re told.  I got a better idea why this “typical white woman” (BHO quote referring to HIS OWN Grandmother) might have chewed on one of those XL ears.

The Federal Government is suing one of the 57 states (Arizona) over their right to decide their immigration law and two of Ms. Brewer’s legal Arizona residents are no longer eligible for the census (dead) because somebody (Obama’s Justice Dept.) thought it would be a good idea to give illegal drug cartel monkeys a bunch of guns.  If I were Gov. Brewer, I’d have put a live scorpion down his pants.

But all the news pundits, race baiters, funny men and cartoonists tell us the “TIFF” happened because Mr. O is black.   Not sure where you’re from but seems a more logical reason that anyone rips anyone else a new one is because they f*cked w/ their sh*t.  (in this case, her state and her citizens).

But affirmative action teaches us Mr. O needs the media and our help because he’s black and we should do all we can to help him because he’s black, and his failings are because he’s trying and black, and we should just shut up and let him “fundamentally transforming America”* because he’s black.

I get it: he’s black. What else you got?

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