Walking on water

by Mike Lester on February 10, 2012

To my recollection there have only been three people who have successfully walked on water.  Jesus Christ, Barack Obama and Chance the Gardner.

While I’ve already done a cartoon comparing Barack Obama to Peter Sellers character, Chance the Gardner in “Being There, (from imdb.com:  ”His simple TV-informed utterances are mistaken for profundity.”) I’ve never put him in a panel w/ the Big Guy.  Frankly, I’ve not found the need to draw Jesus too often.  But it’s not too often we have a President who compels me to.

The Archbishop of Washington D.C. was predictably attacked on Morning Joe today w/ little to no avail. He unequivocally stated he takes not one penny of gov. money yet this administration is telling Catholics how to practice their Constitutional freedom of being Catholic.  Then he asked how they would feel if the administration called up one day and told MSNBC what they were going to talk about on Tuesday’s and Fridays.

Then Mika giggled.  (Cut to commercial)

Here’s how I see it:  if tomorrow BHO announced that he wanted to hire Christo to drape the Washington Monument in a pink latex sheath to promote condom use, within 48 hrs. (actually I’ll take the under) most if not all of the mainstream media would be telling us what a brilliantly visionary symbol this was for Dicks everywhere.

“We’re back and now over to Mika who will amaze us with her ability to read.”

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