With pain like this, who needs care?

by Mike Lester on July 16, 2012

Sorry for infrequent posts and my absence.  Flew to Paris for Madonna flashing nazi concert, then to San Diego for :15 second fireworks display, quick stop in Hollywood to rough up Brad Pitt for not defending his own MOM but I’m back just in time to find out:

If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.  -BHO

Also that my preference for POTUS 2012 is a wimp.  Look, Jim McMahon, Dale Murphy and Steve Young were all Mormons and I’m pretty sure they’d be dog cussing anybody that SUGGESTED they were felons.  Obama is tough on Americans. Foreign leaders, not so much.

I haven’t been to any of those places above and  have been lucky to take a break for an iced coffee.  I’ll tell you why tomorrow.  Cheers.

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